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Application for Membership 

Membership in the GRUR association is open to all persons interested in intellectual property law. Membership in other professional associations is not an obstacle. GRUR welcomes members from all over the word. It currently counts over 350 international members from 36 different nations worldwide (12.11.2013).

Membership applications can be made with the online application form "My GRUR". In this completely new members area of GRUR every member can edit its data by its own. This new service of GRUR expands the possibilities of communication with the members and among themselves.

To the online application form.

Benefits for Members

GRUR members receive an annual, detailed, printed list of members containing the addresses, telephone numbers, fax numbers and e-mail addresses of themembers and of the competent national and international authorities, courts and organizations, as well as of university chairs and institutes.

Members can obtain the journals GRUR, GRUR Int. and GRUR-RR at preferential conditions; the same applies to the English-language journal "International Review of Intellectual Property and Competition Law" - IIC - published by the Max-Planck-Institut für Immaterialgüter- und Wettbewerbsrecht. All journals can also be obtained on  DVD (updates only) and via Beck-Online of the publishing company C. H. Beck oHG. GRUR as of 1948, GRUR Int. as of 1952 and IIC from 1970 onwards. From 2020, the journal GRUR International is also available to readers through Oxford University Press (OUP).

Furthermore, members pay reduced fees for participation in the GRUR seminars conducted in cooperation with the DeutscheAnwaltAkademie.

Membership Dues              

1. For individual person120,00 euros
2. For individual person (discounted*) 
    Patent agent candidates, persons receiving
     practical training in judicial or other legal work
     after having passed the first state examination,
     scientific employees, students
25,00 euros

3. For public authorities, associations, corporations155,00 euros
4. For companies
    a) with up to 500 employees
    b) with more than 500 employees

300,00 euros
600,00 euros

* The discounted membership due applies to members, whose main activity is classifiable to one of the applications of point 2.

Membership fee regulations according to the resolution of the General Board of GRUR from October 12th, 2016.


GRUR-Honorary Membership

On the suggestion of the General Board the General Assembly can award the honorary membership to persons with outstanding merits on the associations scope of duties. This special honor is bestowed to 13 living and 32 deceased members at the moment. These are by name:

Prof. Dr. Willi E r d m a n n, Karlsruhe,
Dr. Wolfgang G l o y, Hamburg,
Prof. Dr. Rainer J a c o b s, Cologne
Dr. Eberhard K ö r n e r, Stuttgart,
Dr. Hans Peter K u n z-H a l l s t e i n, Munich
Prof. Dr. Michael L o s c h e l d e r, Cologne
Prof. Dr. Peter M e s, Duesseldorf
Bodo N e u b e r t, Berlin,
Dr. Eckehart Freiherr von P e c h m a n n, Munich,
Dr. Michael S c h a e f f e r, Hamburg
Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c.mult. Gerhard S c h r i c k e r, Munich,
Prof. Dr. Dres. h.c. Joseph S t r a u s, Munich
Dr. Wolf-Dieter W i r t h, Odenthal

Dr. Jasper U t e r m a n n, Herrsching († 2018),
Patentanwalt Dipl.-Ing. Heinz B a r d e h l e, Oberhaching († 2015),
Patentanwalt Dr. Franz L e d e r e r, Munich
(† 2015),
Rechtsanwalt Ulrich K r i e g e r, Duesseldorf († 2013),
Rechtsanwalt Dr. Ernst F i s c h e r, Frankfurt († 2011),
Rechtsanwalt Dr. jur. Dipl.-Ing. Günther H o e p f f n e r, Erlangen († 2006),
Rechtsanwalt Dr. Rolf P i e t z c k e r, Hamburg († 2006),
Rechtsanwalt Dr. h.c. Karlheinz Q u a c k, Berlin († 2006),
Rechtsanwalt Dr. Ralf V i e r e g g e, Cologne († 2005),
Prof. Dr. Wolfgang H e f e r m e h l, Heidelberg († 2001),
Rechtsanwalt Dr. Walter O p p e n h o f f,  Cologne († 2001),
Vors.Richterin am BGH Dr. Gerda K r ü g e r - N i e l a n d, Karlsruhe († 2000),
Rechtsanwalt Dr. Heinz H a r m s e n, Ahrensburg († 1996),
Patentanwalt Dipl.-Ing. Richard M ü l l e r - B ö r n e r, Berlin († 1992),
Patentanwalt Dr. Martin L o u i s, Essen († 1989),
Patentanwalt Dr. Jakob W i l l e m s, Essen († 1989),
Prof. Dr. Dr. hc. Eugen U l m e r, Heidelberg († 1988),
Rechtsanwalt Prof. Dr. Robert E l l s c h e i d, Cologne († 1985),
Rechtsanwalt Richard M o s e r   v.   F i l s e c k, Duesseldorf († 1983),
Rechtsanwalt Dr. Ludwig H e y d t, Cologne († 1980),
Patentanwalt Gerhard H e i n e, Frankfurt († 1976),
Rechtsanwalt Prof. Dr.  Rudolf C a l l m a n n, New York († 1976),
Staatssekretär i.R. Dr. Walter S t r a u ß, Baldham († 1976),
Rechtsanwalt Prof. Dr. Philipp M ö h r i n g, Karlsruhe († 1975),
Dr. h.c. Bénigne M e n t h a, Thun/Schweiz († 1974),
Rechtsanwalt Dr. Paul A b e l, London († 1971),
Rechtsanwalt Prof. Dr. Kurt B u ß m a n n, Hamburg († 1970),
Rechtsanwalt Dr. Julius F u c h s l o c h e r, Karlsruhe († 1969),
Rechtsanwalt Dr. Richard W e i d l i c h, Baden-Baden († 1960),
Dr. George J. D a n z i g e r, New Jersey († 1960),
Bundesrichter Prof. Dr. E.h. Fritz L i n d e n m a i e r, Karlsruhe († 1960),
Prof. Dr. Walther F i s c h e r, Hamburg († 1954).

You can visit the profiles of hour merited members in our 
online members directory. Please note, that you have to log in as GRUR-Member fist.