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Credits / Disclaimer

German Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property (GRUR)
Theodor-Heuss-Ring 32
D-50668 Köln

Phone: (0221) 789 59-330
Fax: (0221) 789 59-340


Board of Directors with power of representation (vertretungsberechtigter Vorstand):
Attorney Dr. Gert Würtenberger (President)
Professor Dr. Reto Hilty (Vice President)
Patent Attorney Christof Keussen (Vice President)
Attorney Dr. Michael Schaeffer (Vice President)

Secretary General:
Patent Attorney Stephan Freischem

Deputy Secretary General:
Attorney Iris Plöger

Registry Court: Berlin-Charlottenburg Local Court, 14057 Berlin-Charlottenburg
Registration No. in the Register of Associations: 670 Nz

Turnover tax identification no.: DE 122792343

Person responsible for content in accordance with section 5 TMG
Attorney Norbert Diel (General Manager)

 Sebastian Nebel (Councilor)



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Data protection guidelines:

The protection of your personal data is of utmost priority for us. This principle applies equally to our website as well as to our conventional services. For this reason, we would like to inform you at this point that we implement the data protection provisions on our website. You can find further information on the risks of Internet use and the possibilities of defending yourself in the Internet at the address

1. Data protection:

In principle, most offers and services on our web presence are provided for anonymous use. In the event of your access to our web pages, no personal recordings of use by you are made, but merely anonymous data is saved.

Anonymous data is data through which no inference to you can be made. The interpretation of anonymous data serves for example to analyze the habits of our users in order to structure our offer in a more user-friendly manner and adapt to the wishes and needs of our users (e.g. number of web page inquiries, statistics on use etc.).

Personal data

Personal data is information that makes it possible to identify a person. This includes in particular name, date of birth, address and telephone number. If you state personal data within our web presence, this is used only within the scope of the consent given by you and also only for the purpose stated on the respective page (e.g. ordering of services etc.). You are able to revoke consent given at any time.

We pass on no personal data at all. If personal data must be collected for the provision of our services (e.g. ordering), this is deleted immediately after the service has been provided.

If you retrieve pages and files on this website and in the process are invited to enter your personal data, we hereby ask you to bear in mind that this data transfer occurs unprotected via the Internet and the data can therefore be noted or even distorted by unauthorized persons.

2. Dealing with e-mail addresses

If you send us an e-mail, we only use your e-mail address for the correspondence with you; it goes without saying, we will not pass on this data to third parties.

3. Possibility to receive information

If our law firm has saved data about you, upon request, you can receive information about the data saved about you free of charge. Please notify us if we have saved incorrect data about you so that we can correct, block or delete these.

Should you have any further questions about data protection, please send us an e-mail.

4. Cookies

Cookies are small quantities of data that are saved on your computer by the operator of a web page. Data is saved in cookies for carrying out certain functions of our web presence.

Temporary cookies are deleted automatically when closing the browser. They contain merely an identification number (session ID) which allows the server to classify the consecutive browser inquiries to the same user. Temporary cookies are used by many servers; they do not constitute any security risk.

This is not exactly the case with permanent cookies, which can be read by other servers. Our website uses exclusively temporary cookies.

In the case of cookies, you have the choice whether you would like to accept these. Changes to these settings can be carried out in your browser settings. By changing your browser settings (these are found mostly under "Options" or "Settings" in the menus of the browser), you have the choice to accept all cookies, be informed when a cookie is being placed or reject all cookies. If you decide not to accept our cookies, it is possible that the functionality on our page will be reduced and many services cannot be used. For this, we apologize.

5. Encryption of data during the transfer

Information that is transferred on the Internet is normally not encrypted. Since the pathway of the data between the server and the local PC can never be predicted accurately, transferred information can in principle be inspected at many places.