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Transparency Register


The Secretariat of the Transparency Register of the EU has informed GRUR in March 2022 that GRUR’s registration has been suspended für the following reasons:

The Secretariat of the Transparency Register is tasked with deciding upon the eligibility of applicants and monitoring the content of the register, as set out in point (c) of Article 8(3) of the Interinstitutional Agreement (IIA).

We have assessed the information provided in your registration and you listed as main EU legislative proposals or policies targeted the monitoring of all legislative and executive actions of the Commission and Parliament in the field of intellectual property rights.

To this extent, please be informed that – as per what indicated at page 9 of the ‎Guidelines – activities that do not seek to influence, but to follow or monitor EU law or policy developments for academic or journalistic purposes, out of personal interest or in order to exercise a right (e.g. petitioning the European Parliament), are not relevant for the purposes of the Register and therefore do not need to be registered.

Note on the German Lobby Register Act:

The General Board of GRUR has approved a memorandum on the relevance of this act with respect to the association. You find the memorandum here.