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Welcome to GRUR!

Many thanks for your interest in the protection of intellectual property rights and our association. With approximately 5,000 members in Germany and abroad, the German Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property (GRUR), founded in 1891, is the largest and oldest association in Germany that is devoted to the protection of intellectual property.

Its members include German and foreign individuals - lawyers, patent attorneys, judges, academics, as well as enterprises, associations of enterprises and their respective staff members and representatives. Staff members of the German and European trademark and patent authorities and of the international organisations competent for the protection of intellectual property are also among the members. The purpose of the Association according to its statutes is the academic advancement and development of industrial property and copyright law at the German, European and international level, i.e. in the field of law today called "intellectual property law."

Therefore, GRUR discusses issues of intellectual property protection at annual meetings, monthly events at the regional groups and in academic publications, thus contributing to the academic discussion and further development of this area of law, while at the same time enhancing the knowledge of its members. Assistance provided to the national, European and international legislative bodies and to the authorities competent for issues of intellectual property protection remains a major part of the activities. In contact with national and international associations and organisations devoted to the same or a similar subject matter, GRUR regularly participates in the discussion of current issues and developments in the field of intellectual property.

GRUR does not pursue personal, professional or commercial interests, but exclusively and directly academic objectives of a non-profit nature.

Date of message Text of Message Category
2016-05-12 Stellenausschreibung EPG
Das Einheitliche Patentgericht (EPG) wird ein neues supranationales Gericht sein, das auf Patentstreitigkeiten spezialisiert ist; es wird auf der Grundlage des Übereinkommens über ein Einheitliches Patentgericht (EPGÜ) errichtet, welches von 25 EU-Mitgliedstaaten unterzeichnet wurde. Das EPG sucht rechtlich und technisch qualifizierte Richter für eine Tätigkeit am Gericht erster Instanz oder am Berufungsgericht.
2016-05-06 7th GRUR meets Brussels Workshop
REGISTER NOW: 7th GRUR meets Brussels Workshop on Wednesday, 15 June 2016 in Brussels: "Towards a connected Digital Single Market – what about a new 'industrial data protection right' for companies" more...

2016-05-18 The Adoption of the EU Directive on Trade Secrets
First assessment of the main achievements of the “EU Directive on Trade Secrets” at ERA’s conference on "The Adoption of the EU Directive on Trade Secrets", Brussels, 16 June 2016, 9:00 - 18:00 ...more
2016-03-22 Solidarity with the victims in Brussels
The staff and the management of the European Patent Office are deeply shocked and saddened by the abhorrent terrorist attacks which took place in Brussels today, 22 March 2016.